A3 size Cut&Shape BG color.

A3 size Cut&Shape BG color.

Our new A3 size sheet is almost twice the size of an A4.� Its illuminated field measures 11.125 X 15 inches. Exterior (edge to edge) dimensions are 11.75 X 15.75 inches. This sheet is creamy white when off and glows with a phosphorescent blue-green color when on. It is designed to cut into any size or shape as long as two side tabs are left intact for power connections. The two tabs do not have to be adjacent, but must be of different colors.
A full sized sheet should be used with an iA4 inverter.� Do not attempt to power this sheet with an iA3(110)-4p inverter.� That inverter is for the bA3 POWO backlight.� The iA3 and bA3 combination should be used for large area backlights. For best effects with a cA3 sheet, cut it to a smaller size to ensure the iA4 inverter will work well. Because of the size of this sheet, electrical reinforcing is suggested.� (See this page: http://electroluminescence-inc.com/customPattern.htm) Of course the cA3 can be cut into several smaller sheets and an appropriate inverter should be selected for smaller shapes.�
Best used with gator clips for easy connections to the tabs for experimenting with different configurations. Permanent connections can be made with glue, copper foil tape or solder (be sure to drip the solder onto the tab; don�t let the iron touch the sheet). If the wire connections will be under stress, punch a small hole in a tab, thread the wire through, crimp it back on itself for good contact, and then use solder or glue to secure it.


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