Blue-Green EL tape measuring 1.25 meters long.

Blue-Green EL tape measuring 1.25 meters long.
New 1.25 meter long tape (49 inches) is 3.7 cm wide overall (1.5 inches) with an illuminated width of 3 cm (1.18 inches). Creamy white when off, it glows phosphorescent blue when on. An iA5 inverter provides a bright light while an iSS4.5 inverter provides an easily visible light. The tape uses split electrode technology and comes with a 4 pin connector which provides multiple soldering points. Connections are only needed to two pins for full illumination. Gator clips are recommended for testing and experiments.

Connectors on both ends allow you to cut the tape to a desired length and still use the remainder as another length of tape. (See the tY30-63-BG tape for a length with a single connector.) After cutting, clean the edge with alcohol and seal with transparent tape. Strips of tape may be linked in series after cutting by peeling back the laminating material and connecting the electrodes with copper foil tape. Do not solder. Do not use glue. Keep in mind that peeling the laminate will allow the EL to deteriorate quickly.

For indoor use only. Not for use outdoors or in a humid environment.

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